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vídeos, biblioteca fallera i galeria d’imatges


Welcome to our multimedia section dedicated to the spectacular Gandia Falls. Here you will immerse yourself in a visual and auditory journey through the fascinating fallera tradition of this beautiful Valencian town. Through captivating photographs, vibrant videos and enveloping sounds, we invite you to explore the magic and excitement that permeate every corner of this unique festivity. From the majestic rise of monuments to the bursts of color and light of the impressive pyrotechnic shows, this multimedia collection captures the very essence of the Gandia Falls. Prepare your senses for an unforgettable visual and auditory experience as you enter the heart of these festivities full of joy, art and culture. Enjoy the splendor of the Gandia Falls like you’ve never done before!


Join us on an exciting tour of the colorful monumental structures, the impressive mascletàs, and the festive atmosphere experienced during the celebrations. We’ll also delve into the story behind each falla and meet the falla artists who bring these majestic creations to life. Join us to discover the passion, creativity and community spirit that make Fallas in Gandia a truly unique and special event. Subscribe and don’t miss a single detail of this festive experience!

biblioteca DIGITAL fallera

Here you will find a vast collection of books, documents, photographs and audiovisual material that will transport us on an exciting journey through time, reliving the emblematic faults that have marked the history of our community. Our library is proud to be a meeting point for fallas lovers, where they can immerse themselves in the essence of this festivity so rooted in the heart of Gandia. Join us on this exciting journey through the pages that narrate the magic, art and devotion that characterize the falls in our beloved locality.

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