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Marta Lozano Pérez Major Fallera of Gandia 2024

Marta Lozano Pérez

Major Fallera of Gandia 2024

La Fallera Major de Gandia was born on August 9, 2000.

I obtained the Intermediate Degree in video-disc jockey and sound, is a superior technician in making audiovisual projects and shows and is currently studying Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Cádiz in Jerez de la Frontera.

Failures have been part of his life since the moment he was born. He was godchild in 2001 of the Grau fault. In its falla, Plaça Parc Alqueria Nova, she held all the children’s reigns until 2009 when she was Queen of the Falla and in 2010 she was part of the Court of Honor of the Fallera Major Children’s. This year she was the Queen of the Falla. But above all, she is in love with the committee’s activities, being the Festival delegate and this year she has also been the Information Delegate where, by the way, the falla has won the first prize.

His parents are intimately linked to the Plaça Parc Alqueria Nova fault. His mother Esther Pérez was Reina de la Falla in 2007 and for 14 years Book Delegate. And his father, to say Alqueria Nova is to say Jose Lozano: he was secretary in 2007 and from 2009 until this year he has been the president of the falla. Sa uelo Pepe “la Clau” was a member of the Executive of the Fallera Local Council and faller of the falls of Grau and Raval where he held several positions.

The Fallera Mayor of Gandia 2024 is Marta Lozano Pérez.

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