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Foc i Flama


Foc i Flama – Gandia 2023

In 1947 the magazine called Foch y Flama appeared. It contained a greeting from the authorities, the composition of the commissions and photographs of their falleras. The success of the publication was resounding and from that moment onwards and uninterruptedly, although already with the title FOC I FLAMA, the book continues to be published to this day. Throughout the years the formats have changed, but its content has become the main documentary source of the Fallas evolution in Gandía. The reader can find in it not only the punctual information of the fallas of the year, with their representatives, prizes won the previous year and photographs, but also a photographic and literary monograph that collects, every year, an aspect related to the festival or to the city, publishing a total of 1800 copies annually.

Such is the care and affection with which the Junta Local Fallera publishes the official book of the Fallas of Gandia every year, that the Foc i Flama was catalogued and recognised by the Generalitat Valenciana in 2019 as a Book of Tourist Interest, a recognition that reinforces the Gandia brand and contributes to the projection of the Fallas in a decisive way. The Foc i Flama is the first and only festive book that obtains this cataloguing.

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