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Daniela Serralta Miñana Fallera Children’s Major of Gandia 2024

Daniela Serralta Miñana

Fallera Major Infantil de Gandia 2024

La Fallera Major Infantil de Gandia was born on September 14, 2010. She is currently studying the 1st year of ESO at Colegi Borja Jesuitas.

She really likes to dance and make Tiktoks but above all she is a very homely and familiar girl.
He came out of fallera for the first time when he was months old, at the presentation of his falla, Plaça Sant Josep Raval, as a godchild and since then he has come out of fallera every year.
She was Queen of Poetry in 2019, of Fire in 2020 and 2021 and Queen of Falla in 2022. This year she was part of the Court of Honor of the Fallera Major Infantil accompanied by her faller and friend Hugo, who always ‘accompany

Of the fallas, what she likes most is the children’s music festival because of her love of dancing, but her favorite event is the baptism and above all, she is passionate about the nights in the tent on the days of the fallas.

His family is deeply rooted in the party by both parents. His mother, Maite Miñana was Queen of the Children’s Falla of Benirredrà in 1987 and Queen of the Festa en la Falla del Raval in 2002.

On his father’s side, the Serralta family is intimately linked to the falla del Raval, his father Oscar grew up on the farm and has been a falla all his life. And his uncle Bruno, for whom Daniela has a real passion, was the one who carried her away when she was born. Bruno Serralta has gone through all the positions of the falla and has been secretary for more than 20 years.

The major children’s fallera of Gandia 2024 is Daniela Serralta Miñana.

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